Jag är en alldeles vanlig quinna som bloggar om tatueringar, photoshoots och teckningar. Och annat som kan tänkas sig falla mig in. Detta är främst en konstblogg, där ni kan följa mig och mina påhitt med pennan. Min önsketanke är att en dag kunna arbeta med konsten, men vi får se hur långt det går..

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Eating habits

Being a food champion doesn't neccessarily mean that I eat like a pig every day. Actually, I've got my periods of binge-drinking and no food for days aswell. Guess that's a party-girl's way of...

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Porky's BBQ challenge

So, visited London for a bit and after walking around in Camden we drunkely decided to pop into Porky's BBQ for their meat feast food challenge. Rules: 1 huge burger with pulled pork and bacon, 3...

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Hello day

Today is alright. Have been on a binge-party since 5 days back in a row. A lot of fun.. Don't feel hungover or bad in any ways actually. Also didn't eat for 3 days. Maybe this kind of fasting is good...

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Challenge accepted??

Wow3 heartbreaks this year? Really life, is that all you've got? Wanna see if you can manage another one before this year is over? Let's go. Show me that nothing matters anymore - Läs hela inlägget...

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My curse

I wonder why my stomach hurts so much. Is it all of the alcohol I've been marinating myself with the last 7 years? Is it the stress of knowing that I can't disappear without hurting the people who...

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One side of the narrow mind of scandies

It might just be me, but I noticed a pretty big social difference while in Sweden. The meeting of people, especially strangers, seems to be more focused on dating and/or sex, there's more backthought...

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Mdina medieval festival

Kings and queens and knights and whole roasted wild hog. It's that time of the year again! - Läs hela inlägget här

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Aching. Aching so much

I feel severely heartbroken. Life feels like a mess with the changing of flat, the uncertainty of it, emotions sprouting to all wrong directions, separation anxiety, my heart is aching violently, mind...

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Happy Easter!

Somehow, even though I work with catering, I never really know anything about Easter. When? What? Why? For me, it's just another excuse for the days to get extra busy at work. So now when I happen to...

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Having a sudden pit stop in Sweden to renew my passport. Apparently, my dear boyfriend and his bestie got us kicked out from our flat in Malta for being noisy. Good job (y). If one gets kicked out...

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Got nothing special to say really.... Kind of blue lately. Got a lot on my mind. Need some rest...... - Läs hela inlägget här

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Monkey business

Today has been a perfectly 'lagom' day. Woke up at 7:30 for the breakfast buffet which consisted of a spicy thai herb stew with chicken, fried pumpkin, sunny side up eggs and endless amounts of...

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Inspiration, please stay

As I was listening to the sound of waves and scrolling on the web in my hotel room in Prachuap, I got the totally sudden urge to draw. Idea after idea popped into my head, and I hurried to sketch down...

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In the back of a pick up

Hey guys! If you just knew what I've been watching for the last 3 hours.... We started the day by driving to the orchid and butterfly farm at Mae Rim area. Perfect place to snap pretty photos, and...

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Thailand and away

Oh hai. Was a while ago, wasn't it? While I'm back home in Malta, my life consists of work and partying only. Literally. However, I'm now out on the road again, so you can expect a few more posts...

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The loss of whatever talents there was

I think I'm losing my talents. I used to be so good at drawing, dancing, instruments, but now, in the abscence of practice, I feel like theese things are withering away. Sure, I'm refining my cooking...

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30 Dec 2017

Irony. It's a beautiful Friday, I'm off from work, and the sun is warming my skin through the window. The skies are clearly blue, but so am I. Why the polar opposites? Why can't I find motivation to...

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Boom festival 2016

Boom was beautiful. I'm so happy that I didn't skip it as firstly planned. The Portuguese weather was quite bipolar. Felt like 50+ degrees during the day, and -10 at night. I didn't bring a tent, but...

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Sober Friday night thoughts

01:28Saturday 30th July, 2016Oh well. Here I am, again.Haven't smoked a single drag of tobacco since Thursday 7am. Not even a beer, or any alcohol either. I'm completely straight in most ways at the...

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