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Can't belive I'm leaving Los Angeles! It has been sooo awesome to live here for a while. Had the time of my life! I'm thinking about going back to live here in april, but I'll just wait and see where...

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You know my pink shirt, the one I wear like everyday. I actually got some comments about it, like "yee, yeee.. we've seen that shirt nooow..." like you guys are SOO OVER it. Haha! It's so funny. But I...

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can't complain

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(outfit: Här! ) Had an awesome blog-meeting with my friend Emma today. She's totally stepping up her blog game, so you're gonna see a lot of her in the future! Tomorrow we are shooting some picters...

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malibu sunrise

Writing a song about Malibu. I took these pictures an early morning. Yeah, you get the feeling. _____ SVENSKA: Skriver en låt just nu som heter Malibu. Tog dom här bilderna en tidig morgon. Aaah.....

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friday fm

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yä this outfit. give me.

 ( This blog post includes affiliates / Det här inlägget innehåller affiliatelänkar, det betyder att jag kan komma att tjäna en slant vid eventuella köp! = om du köper via mina länkar...

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criminal damage

LÄNKAR: tröja / skor _________ I've had this shirt from Criminal Damage for months but today is the first day I wear it! Had so many new clothes in my bags when I left Sweden, so I haven't had the...

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spring vibes

( This blog post includes affiliates / Det här inlägget innehåller affiliatelänkar, det betyder att jag kan komma att tjäna en slant vid eventuella köp! = om du köper via mina länkar supportar...

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lazy day

I've been chilling by the pool today. The sun is my best friend. I love this apartment, I wish I could stay forever. The complex is amazing! There's a gym, pool, jacuzzi and soooo many palm trees...

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pants - xx-xy / sneakers - reebok / shirt - forever 21 / undies - calvins / noisy may - Läs hela inlägget här

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ok cool!

Today was a good day! I'm feeling happy again. Yeey! How are you guys doing today?

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first day in marina del rey

Feeling excited about this day. It's the first day I woke up here in Marina del Rey. All my roomies are in school atm, they're going to Santa Monica College. So my plans for today is to take a walk on...

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what doesn't kill you..

Ok, so I've had a couple of rough days. But I'm doing better now. For the first time in my life I had to fix things all by my selfe, and also I felt sooo alone. Amber left for San Fransisco and I wont...

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no words

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(ps: tröja härifrån, skor här) - Läs hela inlägget här

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outfit / cali streets sunset

longsleeve, criminal damage, asos / backpack, forever 21 / slippers, nasty gal / socks, huf, caliroots - Läs hela inlägget här

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If you've been reading my blog 4 a long time, u know that I used to skate alot back in the days. My life was all about boarding, snowboard in the winter, skate in the summer. But when I decied to...

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life's a beach

ps. keps härifrån - Läs hela inlägget här

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I just want to give you all a BIG KISS! I love you sooo much for reading my blog, liking my pictures on instagram, commenting on stuff and giving me so much love. You guys rock! I love you! Thanxxxx...

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