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big city / big feelings

I wasn't prepared to fall so deeply in love with this city. It inspires me. Every view is like art to me, every thought becomes poetry. And I have all this melodies and feelings and words inside of...

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queen of the streets / outfit

Outfit made for Brooklyn spring vibes. LINKS / bvck hoodie / white long sleeve / sneakers / backpack / mittens / similar hats budget/luxury / similar leggings _____ 'n yee, I had different hair this...

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on the steps

So much going on all the time. All the girls have left and I've packed up my stuff and moved again. Getting kinda tired of moving all the time. It's tiring, living in a suitcase.. But my boyfriend is...

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 // SWEDISH CAMPAIGN //  Älskar New York men saknar verkligen VÄRMEN i L.A !! Längtar även efter den svenska sommaren som tusan! Även om jag för tillfället bor i världes coolaste stad så...

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central park

New York, I love everything about you. - Läs hela inlägget här

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Ok. All the girl's here. Make up, outfits, camera gear and coffee mugs everywhere! We're preparing a photoshoot. As much as I enjoy being in front of the camera, I also LOVE to stay behind it. I...

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my colourful life

I SAMARBETE MED MENTOS //SWEDISH CAMPAIGN// Jag skulle nog vilja påstå att jag lever ett colourful life. Jag älskar färg. På allt. Det där lilla extra ni vet. Helst rosa. Men just nu känns det...

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burgers n fries

We took the A Train all the way up to Harlem today. The sun was shining and it was HOT outside! Yeey!! We had lunch at Harlem Shake. It was soooo gooood! I had the veggieburger (cuz I don't eat meat)...

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the L train

Great day. We had a text from Amanda this morning (who we thought was in New Orleans!!) saying "hi, I booked a plane ticket, I'm coming to you guys. ...... I'll be there in an hour." HAHA! Well,...

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manhattan u got me

Well, this is how it goes down in Manhattan. Street kids like me, buy a fuckin' purse and become fashionistas. Ok bye. - Läs hela inlägget här

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The city is amazing. I'm so happy to be here. Yesterday I went to Manhattan with Amber. We had lunch on lower east side and then we took the train to Times Square for some shopping. I can't even find...

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hello brooklyn

Hi everyone! The flight went well, but I couldn't sleep at all so now I'm super tired and jetlagd. The weather is rough over here! Snow on the streets! Feels so wierd when I've been living in...

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Can't belive I'm leaving Los Angeles! It has been sooo awesome to live here for a while. Had the time of my life! I'm thinking about going back to live here in april, but I'll just wait and see where...

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You know my pink shirt, the one I wear like everyday. I actually got some comments about it, like "yee, yeee.. we've seen that shirt nooow..." like you guys are SOO OVER it. Haha! It's so funny. But I...

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can't complain

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(outfit: Här! ) Had an awesome blog-meeting with my friend Emma today. She's totally stepping up her blog game, so you're gonna see a lot of her in the future! Tomorrow we are shooting some picters...

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malibu sunrise

Writing a song about Malibu. I took these pictures an early morning. Yeah, you get the feeling. _____ SVENSKA: Skriver en låt just nu som heter Malibu. Tog dom här bilderna en tidig morgon. Aaah.....

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friday fm

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